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Abir Chowdhury is ready to be regional manager for NITO Studentene.
Abir Chowdhury is ready to be regional manager for NITO Studentene.

Ready for new challenges

Abir Chowdhury from Bangladesh wants to be a regional manager for NITO Studentene.

Education: M.Sc. in Electrical Power Engineering in University of Southeast Norway (Porsgrunn). 

Position: Regional Manager.

- I want to run for the Regional Manager position and contribute to the general work of the executive committee, to get involved in board meetings, planning and conducting conferences and campaigns, says Abir Chowdhury.

Prioritize the Local Resources   

Chowdhury wants to prioritize the local resource allocation strategy for the local teams of NITO Studentene.

- Which means, every local team should create professional and academic connections with the local engineering and technological experts and academics, as well as the entrepreneurs to explore the opportunity to mingle with the best possible way, and to share knowledge, information and skills with the students. 

Why should you be Regional Manager?

- If I would become the regional manager, I can influence the strategies of NITO Studentene to make it more familiar among all students and make them clearer about NITO’s work and policies. I would also be able to recommend action plans, campaigns, activities and events which are more linked to most students studying in Norway.

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