For første gang er det laget en rapport som spesifikt beskriver kompetansebehovene som behøves for å realisere nye grønne næringer i Norden.

Association of Nordic Engineers (ANE), paraplyorganisasjonen for nordiske ingeniørorganisasjoner, la denne uken fram sin nyeste rapport «Competences for a sustainable future».

Rapporten kan leses her.

Resultatene som presenteres i rapporten er basert på intervjuer med representanter fra de fem nordiske landene.

Generalsekretær i ANE, Inese Podgaiska, har sendt brev til de norske statsrådene Terje Aasland, Marte Mjøs Persen, Ola Borten Moe hvor hun legger fram anbefalingene i rapporten.

Brev fra ANE til statsrådene

To the attention of the Minister: New report - The Competences for a Sustainable future

Dear Terje Aasland!
Dear Marte Mjøs Persen!
Dear Ola Borten Moe!
Dear Espen Barth Eide!

We hear often the Nordic governments predicting a lack of engineers to drive the twin transition. Also, the industry is worried about a lack of STEM professionals to develop production. And the higher education institutions are racing against time to adapt curricula to match the skills provision with the skills demand.

There is no doubt, that engineers, IT and other STEM professionals have a crucial role in the green transformation of production and energy, but which skills and competences are needed to create a green Nordic energy revolution?

This is the focus of this small-scale analysis by the Association of Nordic Engineers and DAMVAD Analytics which create a unique first description of the specific skills and competences needed for the expansion of the green Nordic energy sector strongholds, such as wind, power-to-X, batteries, hydrogen, CCS, etc.

The report only describes the future skills needed in the Nordic green energy sector, but the recommendations of the report, which are attached to this e-mail, are fundamental for a successful digital and green transition of Nordic societies.

My colleagues in NITO and I remain open for any further clarification and dialogue with you on this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Inese Podgaiska
Secretary General
Association of Nordic Engineers, ANE

Nordisk ingeniørsamarbeid