Exemption from membership fees

If you become unemployed or laid off more than 50 per cent, you can be granted an exemption from all membership fees. If you work between 50 and 75 percent, you can get a membership fee reduction.

  • FTE percentage 50% = 50% membership fee
  • FTE percentage 51-75% = 75% membership fee
  • Full-time equivalent: 76-100% = 100% membership fee

Here's how to proceed:

  1. Report to NITO by changing your work status on My page
  2. Check that your mobile phone number is correct.
  3. If you are unemployed or laid off 50 percent or less, you will have your membership fee reduced from the next period.
  4. If you are registered as unemployed or laid off by more than 50 per cent, you will be granted an exemption from membership fees. You will receive a text message from NITO once a quarter to confirm your status.
    - Reply with the given code word if you are still out of work and the period is to be extended.
    - Register a new employer via a link in a text message if you are back at work. Then you will start getting a new membership fee invoice again.
    - If you do not answer the text message, you will start receiving a new membership fee invoice again.

Report your work status on My page

If you are laid off or unemployed by more than 50 per cent and have received a membership fee invoice, you must contact NITO's member services on or phone 22053500.

See rules for membership fee exemption

Support for courses

If you become completely unemployed, you can receive up to NOK 20,000 per calendar year in financial support for skills-enhancing courses. These can be courses that NITO itself offers or other courses you find on your own. 

The courses must be aimed at further development in engineering or in certain areas of management. Support is given for courses that have a short duration, not for further education/new studies.

The course you take will provide skills that help you get back at work faster.

See an overview of all courses and events from NITO

Please note the following:

  • The support does not apply in connection with layoffs, work assessment allowance or if you receive severance pay.
  • The support requires a minimum of three months' paid professional membership in NITO.
  • You can receive support for a maximum of three years.
  • Unemployed student members can apply for support three months after taking their final exam.

NAV has its own rules for education when you receive unemployment benefits. 

How to apply for support

  1. You must apply and be granted the application BEFORE you sign up for the course. You cannot apply in arrears. The course must be held within three months after the application has been granted.
  2. Send an application to NITO stating which course you want to attend. Attach a course description or link to the course on the internet. Enclose a decision from NAV confirming that you have been granted unemployment benefits.

Applications are sent .

Deductible compensation

NITO covers the financial loss for the deductible deducted by NAV (the first three days) for unemployed and laid-off persons according to the applicable rates at NAV (once per calendar year).

The support requires three months of paid professional membership in NITO.

If you have resigned or are at fault for losing your job, and have at least 18 weeks of waiting time before you receive unemployment benefits from NAV, you are not entitled to have financial loss covered for the user fee to NAV at NITO.

In order to receive the amount, you must send us a decision stating that you are registered with NAV and have been deducted for the user fee.

Send the decision to 

Loans in the event of an employer's bankruptcy

If your employer is bankrupt and does not have the means to pay your salary, NITO can lend you interest-free the amount you are owed from the state wage guarantee scheme.

The loan can cover a maximum of the requirements and the maximum amount covered by the state wage guarantee scheme. The loan is granted in anticipation of payment from the wage guarantee scheme.

Read the guidelines for loans pending wage guarantees.

Need help?

Contact NITO's member services

Office hours weekdays 9.00-15.00