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Benefits of joining a union

What is a trade union? Why be unionized? Your union in action There are many good reasons why you should organise yourself, and why you should choose NITO.

Member benefits

As a member, you can save money on insurance, banking and pensions. Our offer of courses, conferences and professional networks keeps you updated and we help you with legal challenges. We are your lifelong supporter.

Save on insurance you need

Extra good terms and membership price on NITO's insurances. 30% on private insurance with Tryg.

Salary calculator and salary statistics

What does an engineer earn? We have good tools that can give you good arguments in salary negotiations.

Free legal help

Get answers to small and large questions concerning your employment from one of the country's foremost employment law environments.

Why choose NITO?

If you have professional competence in engineering and technology at the level of a bachelor's degree or higher, NITO is the organization for you.

With its more than 107,000 members, NITO is Norway's largest trade union organization for this group. We advocate for you, offer free legal help and a range of financial membership benefits.

Need help? Or do you have any questions?

We will help you with any questions you may have! Feel free to contact us by chat, phone 22053500 or by e-mail to