What is a layoff?

Employers may lay off employees when they have a temporary need to reduce the workforce due to lack of work.

During a temporary layoff, employees are released from their work duties and the employer's obligation to pay wages (the employer's period) is suspended.

Once the layoff period ends, the employee has a right and obligation to return to work.

When can an employer lay off its employees?

An employer may only lay off employees when such a measure is objectively justified. Another condition is that the lack of work is temporary in nature.

Layoff procedure

Requirements apply to how employers must proceed when they need to lay off employees. They must discuss the matter with the employee representatives, comply with rules regarding notice of layoff, and must select employees according to objective criteria.

Will I receive pay or unemployment benefit when I am laid off?

Work and holiday during the layoff period

Dismissal and layoff

What should you do if you want to resign when you are laid off? And what if your employer dismisses you during the layoff period?