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Policy documents and brochures

Policy documents and brochures from NITO The Norwegian Institute of Biomedical Science.

Future trends in biomedical laboratory science

This document describes the current state of biomedical laboratory science and looks at key trends and developments that will affect the future direction of the education and the professional field of biomedical laboratory scientists, as seen from a Norwegian perspective.

Future trends in biomedical laboratory science - a Norwegian perspective

Ethics for Biomedical Laboratory Scientists

Guidelines for the professional ethics of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists in Norway were adopted in 1996. They are intended to be a resource for the profession and a support to the individual in challenging situations. At the same time they are society’s guarantee that the Biomedical Laboratory Scientist (BLS) practises his profession in an ethically sound manner.

An ethics booklet has been prepared by the Norwegian BLS Ethics Committee in order to focus on ethical reflection in the practice of the BLS profession. The ethics booklet can be used as an aid to focus on ethics and ethical dilemmas that the BLS meets in his daily work situation.

Ethics for Biomedical Laboratory Scientists

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