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NITO Buskerud

Connecting with people in a multicultural environment

Connecting with people in a multicultural environment is more and more important, but not always easy. Julien Bourrelle has spent several years thinking, talking and writing about what happens when cultures meet.


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NITO and Tekna in Buskerud have the pleasure of inviting you to hear Julien Bourrelle share his experiences and observations from living in different countries and speaking different languages. He uses humor to make you reflect about how your culture influences you more than you think.

Through entertaining stories and visual examples, you will learn about verbal and non-verbal communication, emotional feedback, social norms and values that influence interpersonal interactions across cultures. You will learn to understand better and communicate more effectively within multi-cultural environments.

The lectures improve communication at work and provide practical tools to understand how to connect with people having a culture different than yours. You will learn be more aware of your own social behaviors and how they may be misinterpreted by people of other cultures.

Julien has written several books about the Norwegian culture, among them "the social guidebook to Norway." 


The lecture will be held in the room called Bragernes. Coffee and tea will be provided before the lecture. 

Free for members of NITO and Tekna.