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Female engineer wearing a virtual reality headset at work to explore an upcoming mechanical engineering project. She uses her hands to manipulate and explore the finer details.
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Use of XR in simulations

What are the different use cases for XR in simulations? The professional network for XR (VR/AR) in NITO organizes this free webinar where two examples are shown.


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In this free webinar for all interested, the professional network for XR in NITO hosts a session where two practicioners show how they use VR in simulations. 

  • What is the current best practice for use of XR in simulations?
  • How can XR be used to visualize data that support decision making processes?

In this session, there will be two presentations of practical use of XR in simulations, followed by a discussion among the participants. 

You will meet:  

Martin Havnør is CTO at myVR Software AS, a part of Hexagon. He has a long experience within technical leadership, architecture and implementation of solutions related to visualization, GIS and mobility. In his presentation, he will show how XR is used to simulate the flow of air in buildings. This was of particular use during the pandemic, but also has other applications. 



Adam Krupicka works at Breach AS, where he is a technical artist. Adam will present "World of Wild Waters", which is a tool developed in collaboration with the geography department at NTNU. The simulation of floods and landslides can assist the users in developing emergency measures to prevent loss of human lives. 


Both presentations will be held in English. After the presentations, the participants may ask questions in English or Norwegian. 

The webinar will be recorded and sent out to participants afterwards.

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