We are expecting a minimum of 400 participants from the Nordic countries to attend the conference. The program is varied and good, and we believe this first Nordic congress after the pandemic will be a great success!

Sign up as exhibitor

We process the registrations in the order they are received. Gold and silver sponsors are allowed to select seats first (subject to order of sponsorship level by Friday 31 May).


Prices for exhibition

Red price zone 5000 NOK/sqm
Yellow price zone  4500 NOK/sqm
Green price zone 4000 NOK/sqm
Blue price zone 1500 NOK/sqm

The blue price zone is reserved for startups and non-profit organizations, as they are sold lower than our cost price to the hotel.

Prices are valid 3 full days of exhibition + access from Thursday at 18.00 for rigging. Access to the academic program (subject to space at the individual lectures).

Please note that day packages are not included, and this is mandatory for everyone attending the exhibition.

Prices for Day Packages and Dinners

Day packages per person per day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday):   1500 NOK
Get Together party w/ dinner Friday, per person: 550 NOK
Gala dinner Saturday, per person:  1750 NOK

Overview of the exhibition spaces


Price range


Total price 


1 pc Red 6x2m 60.000 NOK  
1 pc Yellow 5x2.5m 56.250 NOK  
3 pcs Red 3x3m 45.000 NOK  
1 pc Yellow 4x2m 36.000 NOK  
8 pcs Red 3x2m 30.000 NOK  
7 pcs Yellow 3x2m 27.000 NOK  
6 pcs Green 3x2m 24.000 NOK  
3 pcs Blue 2x2m 6000 NOK Reserved for startups and nonprofits
Utstilling rev 3_0.png
This is the exhibition spaces at the hotel. Changes may occur.

To make the prices clearer and easier to understand, this year we have pure exhibition prices. Day packages for all participants from suppliers are additional. The price is divided into zones according to how central the seats are. Thus, it is possible to choose a little yourself how much you want to put in the exhibition in relation to the exposure.

Note that the entrance to the main halls is at the very innermost, so everyone will get their share of the exposure. Break food will be served in the area around the red exhibition spaces.

Some of the exhibition spaces are customizable. There may also be changes in sizes and number of seats once the hotel has drawn up a final plan. It will also be possible to increase the width of their exhibition after the places have been allocated and we see how much is available. Alternatively, you can buy two seats if you want to double.

Sponsor Get Together

Contact us if your company wants to contribute during the Get Together party Friday night. Here, a sponsorship agreement can contain both financial contributions and effects to the party itself. The plans are being prepared, and it will be possible to influence the content if you wish. The contribution is invoiced as exhibition cost.

Sponsor Gala dinner for Norwegian CPO students

We want the Norwegian orthopedic engineering students to have the opportunity to participate in the conference. They therefore receive free admission to the academic program. But we can't afford to treat them all to a celebratory dinner.

If your company would like to do something about this, you will, in return, have access to contact the students with academic content or product presentations after the conference. The amount of support you choose to contribute will be divided among those who sign up for the dinner as a discount, thus agreeing to us sharing contact information. The contribution is invoiced as exhibition cost.