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106.000 members

  • Correct salary
  • Free legal help
  • Insurance at member price

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Salary statistics and starting salary recommendations

NITO has the best and most comprehensive salary statistics for engineers and technologists in Norway. This is one of your most important tools when negotiating your salary. 

NITO's salary statistics for engineers and technologists

Free work-related legal assistance

Get the answers to questions about your working conditions, no matter how big or small, from one of the country's leading labour law communities.  

  • Can your boss order you to work overtime?  
  • When does travel time count as working hours? 
  • What rights do I have in a redundancy process? 

Call us between 9 and 15, Monday till Friday, or send us a message. The standard hourly rate for a lawyer in Norway is somewhere between NOK 2,000-3,000. This service is free of charge for our members.

Ask a lawyer on My page (in Norwegian)

Read more about the NITO lawyers (in Norwegian)

Free initial consultation and discounted hourly rates on private legal assistance (in Norwegian)

Memberships discounts on insurance

Good coverage and membership discounts on insurance: 

Overview of all NITO`s Insurances

As a NITO member, you receive a 30 % discount on all private insurance policies with Tryg.  

30 % discount on private insurance (tryg.no) (in norwegian)

You also become a loyalty customer in the Tryg Pluss program from buying your very first insurance policy with Tryg.  

Read about Tryg Pluss (tryg.no) (in norwegian) 

Low interest rates on loans

As a NITO member you get access to the best bank benefits and lowest mortgage rates with Nordea.  

You qualify directly for membership in the benefits programs Premium or Premium Next (for those of you under 34 years old), regardless of your income level.  

If you are buying a home for the first time, you are offered a special interest rate (Førstehjemslån).

Read more about NITO's banking services (in norwegian) 

Excellent pension savings plans

NITO has negotiated a great deal for you on your pension savings account and private pension saving.

All NITO members and their spouses/domestic partners are offered excellent terms and conditions with Danica Pension through “NITO Egen pensjonskonto”.  

NITO Own pension account (in norwegian)

Free 24/7 medical assistance

As a NITO member, you have access to free round-the-clock medical assistance all year round. Tryg Legehjelp applies to both you and your closest family members.  

Activate Tryg Legehjelp now (at tryg.no) (in norwegian)

Safe Medical Assistance – included in the membership (in norwegian)

Free employment contract review

Your employment contract determines many of the rights and obligations that apply in your new job. Send it to one of our labour law experts for a free review.

Read more about employment contracts

Free career guidance and help with job applications (in Norwegian)

Free career guidance and help with job applications

As a NITO member you get advice on writing your CV and job applications free of charge. 

Check out our learning moduls on your way to get your next job (in norwegian)

Take control over your career, whether you are recently graduated, recently laid off, have been unemployed for a long time, are applying for your first job or you are looking for your next position.  

Get free career guidance (in norwegian)

Book your individual career guidance session:

You also have access to our professional communities and networks.  

Overview of NITO`s professional network (in norwegian)

Tailor-made courses and seminars for engineers and technologists

As a NITO member, you receive discounts on specialised courses, as well as access to courses and events that are free of charge.  

You also have free access to e-books in a range of engineering and technology subjects, management, finance and communication.

Overview of NITO`s courses and events (in norwegian)

Free e-books and compendiums (in norwegian)

Discounts for members who are unemployed
Student discounts and benefits

Become a NITO student member and pay only NOK 350 total throughout your studies. This membership, with its benefits and discounts, saves you a lot of money. 

Apply for student membership

Membership in NITO Students includes, among other things:

  • NITO Student insurance included
  • Extra good deals on prices and coverage on other insurances, banking and saving plans offered to students 
  • Access to Tryg Legehjelp, our 24/7 free medical assistance service through Tryg, also with access to the online, self-help, mental health care program, only available to our student members 
  • Free courses and seminars  
  • Social events at campus
  • Free books and compendiums
Other discounts: Cars, hotels, sports equipment and more
Free membership in Polyteknisk Forening

As a NITO member you can easily keep up with what is going on in Polyteknisk Forening (FP) (Polytechnic Society). Register to sign up for PF events.

Apply for membership at PF (in norwegian)

All NITO members can join PF free of charge and their events, conferences, and seminars at a discounted rate.  

PF is a non-profit, knowledge-based, members’ network established to promote sustainable technological and social development. They arrange debates and theme events on subjects within the fields of technology, society, business, and industry. 

PF cooperates with the NITO student members through the network Next; a forum for students and young professionals between the age of 18 and 30. 

Read more about PF (in norwegian)