Sustainability is at focus throughout the congress

Long-term plans are crucial for ensuring the viability of sustainable laboratory practices. At the congress, NITO Bioingeniørfaglig institutt (BFI) will therefore challenge all speakers to emphasize on the importance of sustainability.

How can we ensure an optimal balance between the supply and demand for the laboratory analyses, while avoiding the depletion of human resources, minimizing the use of costly equipment, and preserving a healthy environment.

Choosing wisely - reducing unnecessary analyses

The “Choosing wisely” campaign seeks to minimize the number of unnecessary examinations and treatments, which can sometimes cause harm rather than good. NITO BFI challenges the congress speakers to address this issue and promote more responsible use of biomedical laboratory services.

Innovation - A key to efficient and sustainable laboratory practices

Biomedical laboratory scientists are at the forefront of technology integration in healthcare. Through collaboration with industry and academic partners, they continuously develop new methods and thereby expand the analyses repertoire. During the congress, NITO BFI will focus on how innovative thinking and future technology, combined with good laboratory management, can enhance sustainability as well as efficiency.

The healthcare sector is the fifth largest generator of greenhouse gas emissions in the world

Global warming is a major threat to our society. As biomedical laboratory professionals, we have a responsibility to minimize our environmental footprint. This includes reducing the use of disposable equipment, choosing materials and procedures that conserve resources while maintaining quality, practicing proper waste management, and engaging with suppliers to eliminate hazardous substances.

NITO BFI urge participants and speakers to give careful thought to these issues and work towards greener laboratories.