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Priorities and most important tasks

  • Secure the best wage and working conditions for members
  • Provide legal advice and assistance in employment related matters
  • Offer a wide range of courses and professional networks
  • Demonstrate the key role engineers and technologists play in society

NITO Member benefits 2024

NITO Insurance, banking and pension 2024

Guidelines for legal assistance

NITO organises engineers and technologists at advanced college/university level who have completed at least a three-year degree programme in engineering or technology, or who can document equivalent competence.

Present membership fee for ordinary membership is NOK 5088 and for student members NOK 350 (the entire study period).

For students

Application form for student membership

About NITO

NITO has 19 local branches covering the entire country. We have 1400 workplace groups with 4000 union representatives. 

Why should you establish a company group at your workplace within the private sector?

NITO is represented in 1900 companies.

Most of our occupationally active members are affiliated to a local branch, and with a few exceptions, the geographical reach of the local branches follow Norway's county municipal borders.

NITO was founded in 1936, and is an independent union with no party political affiliation.

NITO is led by a Board of Representatives. The day-to-day running of the union is carried out by shop stewards and elected union representatives at different levels of the organisation.

The administrative secretariat is headed by a General Secretary. There are 100 employees in the head office in Oslo, in addition to 24 employees in the branch offices.

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