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The Project Academy

Do you want to become a certified international project manager and boost your international career? Then this brand new program is for you.


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The Project Academy is a professional international training and development program in project management and project governance. The goal is to share current best practices in project management based on the PMI/PRINCE2/ISO 21500 standards, learning and e-learning.

Unique and professional

The Project Academy is designed, developed, and tested in cooperation with:

  • several project-intensive global organizations and their project management staff
  • experts in project management and project governance
  • specialists in learning and e-learning
Advantages of the training program

The Project Academy will support you or your organization in:

  • developing project management competency and capability
  • implementing “best practices” and project models
  • improving project performance and project rewards
  • implementing strategies for development and growth

Course content

The Project Academy includes five online courses on the following topics:

  • Project Management Essentials – be inspired
  • Project Planning – be prepared
  • Project Execution – be committed
  • Project Organization – be organized
  • Project Model – be compliant

You also get to access a separate module with practical resources and tools such as useful guidelines, templates, examples and checklist that can be downloaded and used in your projects.

Become a certified international project manager

When passing the certification test you receive the “International Project Management Certificate” which you can download and share on your LinkedIn profile.

Take a look inside the course

Who should sign up for The Project Academy?

The Project Academy is for everyone who works on projects . Project managers, project owners, project team members, resources owners and management on all levels in particular. The courses are available in English and Norwegian. English is a good option for all who uses English as their working language.

Tailor-made academy for your company 

The Project Academy can be delivered 100% online or as a combination of e-learning, webinars and classroom sessions. You can sign up as an individual, or as a corporate program with your organization. Contact for more information.

Example of tailor-made corporate program

If you are a group of employees from your organization, typically between 15-25, we offer a hybrid learning version of The Project Academy.

This is one example of a hybrid learning version:

The workload is typically spread over 4-6 weeks, with webinars or classroom sessions. These are tailored to cover important matters related to your projects, such as business cases, planning, risk management, on-time delivery, stakeholder management, and communication.

The participants complete the e-learning prior to the webinars or classroom sessions. Each e-learning course module will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete. The webinars should be a maximum of 2-3 hours. The total workload is between 20 and 25 hours.

This means that your project management staff can achieve a solid foundation for successful projects within 25 hours. They will also have access to the course online for repetition and job support for twelve months.

Practical information

You will get access to the course within two business days from signing up, and your access remains active for twelve months. This means that you can repeat the course, and use it for support, as many times as you want during that time. Each e-learning course module will take approximately 2-3 hours to complete. The total workload for the five online courses is around 15 hours.

Modern e-learning designed for diversity, equality and inclusion

The Project Academy is 100% modern and based on the micro-learning principles. It is also designed for organizations emphasizing diversity, quality and inclusion (DEI), thus it embraces and reflects the following core values:

  • Diversity – everyone is represented
  • Equity –  empowers all employees
  • Inclusion –enables everybody to make meaningful contributions
  • Professional – complies with all international project management standards
Frida Basma

Frida Basma


Cancellation rules for online courses

Free cancellation is possible until access has been sent to the participant. After the access has been sent, the participant must pay the full fee in case of cancellation.

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